What are the installation pre-requisites?

  • Power points (GPOs) at each fixture within 2.0m (max 2.5m) and within 1.0m from the gateway and concentrator devices.
  • Ethernet Network cabling (CAT 6/RJ45 connectors) from the gateway and the the concentrator to the building’s Ethernet network.
  • SC Ecosystem of Products (SCEOP)

Are the products protected against vandalism?

Flush plates – concealed fixing, Magnetic Latch & tool. Gateway & Concentrator – In wall/ ceiling & therefore not readily accessible.

Wall-Mounted Tap –The Spout construction incorporates an interlock system that secures the panel to the wall.

What is future proofing?

Future proofing is:

  1. Providing the necessary access & conduits for future power needs to each fixture, unless already available.
  2. Provision for access to install Data & Power cabling for the gateway to suitable location within the bathroom
  3. Selecting the SCEOP or a sacrificial tap

How do the bathroom fixtures connect to the BMS?

Devices connect wirelessly using Bluetooth via a Gateway, which is installed in each bathroom in the ceiling void. The Gateway is then wired using Ethernet data cable to the building’s network infrastructure. Also connected to the building’s network is the Concentrator (computer), which gathers device information from all of the building’s Gateways and translates this data to a BMS system using an open protocol BMS language, BACNet

What BMS systems is Smart Command compatible with?

Any BMS system that uses the BACNet protocol to communicate with devices.

What if a building doesn’t have a BMS?

CBMS (on cloud) will be available for building managers who want to measure and track their bathrooms usage

Is the Cloud CBMS secure?

Yes. We are using an industry standard IBM security

Gateway Daisy Chaining

No, each gateway will need a dedicated cable (CAT6) connection to the building’s Ethernet network.

Can the Smart Command fixtures be accessed via Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect directly via the mobile or tablet Smart Command application

Where can I download the Smart Command application?

Available by request until loaded to App store

How is water consumption calculated?

  • Water can be calculated by the number of actuations (e.g. flushes) x stated flush volume on Toilets and Urinals
  • Taps are number of actuations x flow duration x flowrate

If the flush volume is amended, does it re-calculate?

If the Tap & Urinal flush volume settings are adjusted within the app, the water flow of the products will adjust and reflect the new values back into the system. The Invisi must be manually adjusted to the new water volume, using the Invisi internal internal floats as per product to the new water volume. The flush volume must then be updated in the app, allowing the water consumption calculations to re-calculate.

How is the fixture data managed?

Via an existing building management system (BMS) or cloud based system.

  • When on local system – rolling 30 days
  • When on BMS – Historical data

Can the fixtures be managed individually, in clusters/groups and all at once within a facility/building?

CBMS: Yes. Caroma has designed our cloud based application specifically to do this. An existing BMS must have this functionality inbuilt to manage groups and clusters of devices.

What is Hygiene Flush?

Periodic, automated activation (configurable in app) for all products to ensure stagnant (dead leg) water is eliminated in low/unused fixtures.

What is Cleaning mode?

A mode to disable the sensors to allow cleaning and maintenance, accessed via the app.

What utility apps will be available?

Cleaning application available by launch

Which segment is Smart Command targeting?

Premium A Grade commercial and retail projects; new build and refurbishments
Timeframe to introduce to Aged Care & Health applications

Who is the primary target?

Building owners and managers, A1-A4 Developers and supporting stakeholders in the project pipeline

Have we field tested Smart Command in a real life application?

Yes, multiple field tests where Caroma has months of data from installations in retail and office applications.

Which building ratings can Smart Command assist with?

  • NABERS Water
  • Green Star
  • Wellness

Which product fixtures are Smart Command enabled in phase 1?

Cleanflush Invisi II flush panels, Urinal flush valves, Hob basin tap & a wall basin tap

How many types of flush panels are available?

Four different finishes are available. Glass (Black or White) and Metal (Chrome or Brushed Nickel)

Which toilet suites can I quote with Smart Command?

All clean flush Invisi toilet suites can be quoted for projects

Which Urinals are compatible with new smart command electronics?

Cube 0.8L and Leda 1.8L electronic urinals

Are any of the existing ranges of electronic taps Smart Command enabled?

No, only the new models 98462C6A & 98461C6A

Do the Smart Command hob taps fit in a normal Caroma basin tap hole?


What regulatory standards and ratings do the fixtures meet?

  • WELS
  • Watermark
  • Electrical safety & EMC (Electromagnetic Capability)

Is the setup and configuration the same as non BT urinals?

Yes however settings can also be changed using a Smart Device (i.e. phone, tablet..) locally, using Bluetooth connectivity.