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Smart Command Cloud

Manage and Control Water In One Place

The Smart Command Cloud platform provides an efficient means of deploying changes to bathroom fixtures across the enterprise from a central location. Using the Smart Command Cloud platform, the facilities managers can make informed decisions about water usage in one place.

The Smart Command Cloud Solution offers the following functionality today:

  • Real-time alerts from the fixtures are sent to the facility manager via SMS or an email.
  • Water footprint reporting
  • Ability to remotely change the fixtures configuration.
  • Ability to store all your water usage data at a central location for detailed reporting.
  • Ability to access fixture logs remotely to troubleshoot problems.

We aim to make commissioning, maintenance and day to day building management easier by creating superior, simple water management solutions. Smarter water begins with Caroma Smart Command.

Find out how the Smart Command Cloud platform can help your business.

Manage and Control Water In One Place

Connectivity via App

App integration allows:

  • Water consumption control – adjust the amount of water used per activation
  • Water pressure control
  • Usage statistics (per fixture or per bathroom) – i.e: number of activations, duration of usage, total water consumption, operational hours, operating hours since hygienic flush and number of uses
  • Hygiene monitoring and control – tracks and records fixture maintenance and provides historical data
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Connectivity via BMS

Smart Command products interface with all BACnet protocol systems. BACnet is the common language used which means Smart Command will seamlessly integrate with existing BMS platforms at no extra hardware cost to the building. For the first time a facility manager can make changes to a bathroom via the BMS, saving time and expensive plumber call out fees.

Intelligent Insights

Smart Command Monitors:

  • Water volume consumption per fixture including toilets, urinals and taps on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis
  • Total water volume consumption of the bathroom on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis
  • Usage statistics per fixture based on their location within the bathroom
  • Usage statistics per fixture based on their relative position to other fixtures within the bathroom e.g.: tap closest to urinal
  • Hygiene habits e.g.: number of tap activations in comparison to toilets and urinals
  • Minutes spent on maintenance per fixture and/or total bathroom enables future planning for more efficient maintenance and subsequently reduced downtime
  • Data availability and historical data racking allow comparisons to be made for more proactive facility management
Intelligent Insights

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Request a Demo

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