Caroma Smart Command Intelligent Shower – Eco

  • Precise control of two shower head fixtures (overhead shower and hand shower) with the ability to divert water flow.
  • Save every drop of water with the recapture feature. Which recaptures water whilst desired water temperature is being reached.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Caroma Smart Command Gateways.
  • Enhance user experience without compromising your ability to control and monitor your buildings water performance.
  • Control and monitor individual shower’s duration and temperature remotely in a non intrusive manner while giving the user the precise control of the experience.
  • Review data on individual showers temperature, water usage, time and duration.
  • Understand water usage patterns.
  • Compatible with Caroma Smart Command app & Smart Command Cloud. Connection to this service is provided exclusively by Caroma Smart Command.
  • Comprised of Smart Command Thermostatic Mixer Assembly (510213), Rough In Kit (98465W) and Control Panel (98464B).
  • Deemed to comply with the requirements of AS1428.1 2009 for accessible shower control.

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