Smart Command Invisi II Panel - White

Smart Command Invisi II Panel - White
  • Responsive infrared sensing electronic flush panel, designed for commercial applications
  • Electronic flush panel integrated into existing pneumatic cistern with a simple modification (parts included)
  • Bluetooth enabled for direct access from a smart device and also communication to Gateway*
  • Electronics and face plate add on to standard invisi cistern
  • Complete with Invisi cistern electronic parts and power supply
  • Fitted with a BlueTooth sensor which allows the user to configure the operating parameters, view fixture status and review usage data through a BMS system or mobile application
  • Smart device application enables faster commissioning and maintenance
  • Integrated battery backup system in case of power outages
  • BlueTooth capability enables data to be sent to either a cloud database or BMS (Building Management System) where users can utilise service offers including usage, water data and micro services such as service alerts at a fixture, bathroom or building level
  • Fully concealed fixing
  • Provides complete service access to the invisi cistern
  • Panel available in glass (black or white) or metal (chrome or brushed nickel)
  • Deemed to comply with the requirements of AS1428.1 2009 for flush controls.

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